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Help is on the Way

Personal emergency response systems for the elderly are an important part of keeping older loved ones safe. They are a safety device, that when worn and then pushed, calls for help. The response system is a must have for any elderly person who wants to remain in their home rather than live in an assisted…

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Safety that is Practical

A care alert smart dialer is a great device to have for senior citizens who live alone. The dialer is a simple button that calls for help. When a senior loved one is not ready to move into assisted living and they live on their own, then a care alert system is a great safety…

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Safe and Happy at Home

Medical alert devices in Australia have been designed to keep elderly loved ones safe at home. They are key components to helping them stay in their homes rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Additionally, these devices give peace of mind to the entire family. Medical alert devices are an amazing invention that have…

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Lifestyle Dictates

If you are looking to buy a personal emergency response system for an elderly loved one there are a few things to consider. Before purchasing, have a family meeting to discuss the exact needs of your loved one. They will also need to be in agreement with using an emergency system. If they do not…

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Two Devices to Choose From

Medical alert devices are an important part of a senior citizen’s independence. If you have an elderly loved one in your life whether it be your grandmother, grandfather, or mum and dad then you need to think about purchasing an Australian medical alert device. A medical alert device in Australia gives an elderly person the…

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With the Push of a Button

Personal medical alarms save lives. Any senior living alone should have the safety and security of a medical alarm. They are affordable, practical, and necessary. If you have a loved one that is a senior citizen and they live alone, consider purchasing a medical alarm. Medical alarms are simple buttons worn around your loved ones…

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Making That Vital Call

That vital call comes; the one you hoped you’d never get. It’s your mom calling you from the personal alarm button that you purchased for her months ago. The vital call, the one that says your mom needs help. Your heart drops but you take off and get to her house just in time to…

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