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If you are an elderly person and living on your own but are concerned that a fall will leave you helpless with no way to contact anybody for help then you need to start looking at the affordable options that are available for your safety. As the body gets older it is more susceptible to accidents which can worry your family members and friends that live close by but not actually with you. This is why vendors that specialize in emergency alert systems have combined state of the art technology and easy to use equipment for the best solution to help people live independently – safer and for longer.

During an emergency it is difficult to try and remember what you are supposed to do and even though calling for help is always the first step, you may be in a position where you can’t get to the phone. Even if you have a mobile device the accident may have left you disoriented and unable to remember what numbers you are supposed to call or how to get a hold of loved ones.

The SureSafe range of personal alarms removes the guesswork and complexity out of the situation and provides a single alarm button that is worn around the neck or on the wrist. When an individual pushes this button the system automatically dials either the emergency monitoring station you are linked to or starts calling the top number on a preprogrammed list if you have a ‘family & friends’ alarm. The monitoring station setup requires monthly fees but is guaranteed to answer 24/7 and send emergency help as quickly as possible while remaining on the two-way speaker system already installed. The friends and family solution is more cost effective for seniors on a fixed budget with no monthly fee or fancy installation and family members are aware that they are the first line of defense for you.

Other products are available on the market e.g. the care alert smart dialer, but SureSafe is one of the best selling available.

The technology in the SureSafe alarms, the care alert smart dialer and other similar alarms provides everyone involved with peace of mind that their loved one is going to receive the care they need in a timely manner due to early notification. The simplicity is ideal for ageing Australians with medical conditions who want to retain their independent living but need easy access to alert for help when necessary.

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