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Eureka Group Holdings, an ASX listed aged care village manager with over 2,000 properties across more than 30 locations around Australia, offers a lifestyle of full independence. Village residents have peace of mind they are within a supportive village community situated in a convenient and central location to shops and other amenities.

Committed to the evolving needs of its residents, Eureka recognised the need to balance the offer of an independent lifestyle with the realities of a client base with an average age in excess of 80 years – and the inherent risks of falls or illness this brings with it. As part of their continued drive for improved standards, better service and increased levels of personal well being, Executive Director Greg Rekers undertook a review into how Eureka could help provide the safest environment possible, support people maintaining independent living and age with dignity through the use of personal medical alarms.

Greg explains, “People generally move into retirement villages because whilst they accept the need to move out of their own homes, they are not ready, or willing, to consider nursing care. We see it as our duty to support our residents in their ability to maintain independent living as long as possible. We also recognised that in choosing a retirement village, our residents did not want to be encumbered by a product that invaded their sense of privacy, like a monitored alarm can. So we looked for something different”.

In addition to the above, Eureka was looking to offer their residents access to a system that was:

  • simple to use
  • affordable
  • easy to install
  • and gives peace of mind

Further, Greg describes, “Seniors in retirement villages generally do not have an abundance of spare money so personal alarms with expensive monthly service fees are less desirable. We needed something that was the right product; at a price people can afford, but not sacrificing on quality.”

Eureka consulted Joel Groth, Corporate Relationship Director, at Bora Health. Bora Health is a community interest company focused on raising the awareness of the challenges facing an ageing population trying to maintain affordable, independent living. By building effective partnerships across the industry, both commercial and non-financial, Bora Health is the primary network for seniors, and representing organizations, to discover more about independent living.

Bora Health is the exclusive Australian suppliers of the industry approved, flagship product: SureSafe Personal Emergency Response System. Combining both technology and innovation, the SureSafe personal alarm aims to enhance the feeling of being safe and secure in your own home.

Eureka decided that SureSafe was the best solution for their residents. Twelve months on, Greg is still delighted with the decision to choose SureSafe. The alarm system has been called into action on multiple occasions and residents have been able to access help when they needed it most. Greg concluded, “We feel confident now. With SureSafe Alarms, Eureka has improved the health and well being of their residents by accessing a high quality, yet affordable, medical alert system. The feedback from the residents has been universally positive.”

By partnering with Bora Health and SureSafe Alarms, Eureka has now given all residents an option to purchase the SureSafe Personal Emergency Response System with:

  • a low up front cost: $229 (inc GST & Express Post)
  • no ongoing monthly costs/monitoring fees
  • easy to set-up and use: no installation costs
  • immediate access to family and friends: can be programmed to dial all mobile or landline telephone numbers
  • Australian standards compliant in accordance with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) requirements. Both A-Tick and C-Tick compliant.

The SureSafe Personal Emergency Response System is equally suitable for the private home environment, a non-monitored personal alarm system with no expensive ongoing monthly fees. Seniors can easily save their preferred contact numbers in the base unit to quickly alert friends or family in case of an emergency. The product is designed for elderly Australians still living at home and largely looking after themselves. It is an excellent way to maintain independent living. The medical alarm pendant (2 are supplied with the system) can be worn around the neck or conveniently hung around the house to provide a fast alert in an emergency – providing peace of mind at an affordable price.