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Emergencies are those events that happen unexpectedly and can drastically affect the future health of the individual if not handled as quickly as possible. They do not always require the attention of trained medical personnel but still need the response from a nearby neighbour or relative. One of the biggest issues during a crisis is the individual’s diminished capacity either physically or mentally so giving them easy access to a panic button can be a priceless asset.

While mobile phones are a valuable item to have around, they still require someone to punch in numbers or remember who is on what speed dial. The benefit of a medical alarm system is that there is only a single button to push and automatically a dispatch centre is contacted or the system starts dialing pre-programmed numbers. This alarm base unit also acts as a two-way communicator so individuals at the other end can assess the situation and determine the next appropriate step.

Seniors are very protective of their independence and do not want a big issue to be created out of something small. When you elect to use a non-monitored system then you can use the equipment on a short or long term basis without having to worry about monthly fees. This is an ideal solution for someone who has just had surgery and does not require live-in care but family members want the patient to have emergency access just in case. The system can dial their numbers so that they can find out what is going on and make the decision to call 000 or come over and assist in the event of a fall or dizzy spell. Medical alarms provide freedom to all parties involved and are simple to connect the main unit to the phone line. You can also purchase extra panic buttons to put around the house just in case they are not wearing their pendant and to make sure that they are always covered.

There are multiple medical alarm systems to choose from when looking online so review the specifications carefully so you know which option will work best for your loved one. The affordability, simplicity and flexibility make them ideal for individuals with health conditions at any age.

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