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Personal emergency response systems for the elderly are an important part of keeping older loved ones safe. They are a safety device, that when worn and then pushed, calls for help. The response system is a must have for any elderly person who wants to remain in their home rather than live in an assisted living facility.

Personal emergency response systems for the elderly are available as a button worn on the wrist or the around the neck. The base of the system is easily installed into a standard phone line. There are choices to make before choosing any particular device. For instance, will the response system need to have a 24×7 call centre available or will a loved one be ready to take an emergency call? Either one is a great choice for the safety and security of an elderly loved one.

The family may decide to make a one-time purchase of an emergency system. This system requires that three loved ones are available to answer the phone should the elderly loved one pushes the button. This is a great choice because it is has no ongoing fees, the family is immediately alerted if there is a problem, and the button is safe and effective. However, for the highest level of protection, then the best purchase is one that is linked to a 24/7 response centre where calls are guaranteed to be answered in a couple of rings.

The monthly fee of a personal emergency response system for elderly covers the cost of having a call centre available, no matter what time of day the emergency occurs. If the loved one presses the button, a call centre will immediately identify which emergency service to call and help will be on the way.

This is also a great response system. These alarms all work to provide safety, security, and peace of mind to the entire family. If the elderly person has a problem, they will be able to call for help instantly. This is the most important feature and allows an elderly person to remain in their home a lot longer than they would without a personal emergency response system.

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