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If you are looking to buy a personal emergency response system for an elderly loved one there are a few things to consider. Before purchasing, have a family meeting to discuss the exact needs of your loved one. They will also need to be in agreement with using an emergency system. If they do not want it, they won’t use it, and it will be a wasted purchase. However, if you explain to them the many benefits of a personal emergency system, the ease of use, and the convenience, then they will likely agree to the system.

To buy the right personal emergency response system you will need to be honest about the activity level of your senior loved one. If they are active in the home, like to garden, cook, and have company then you may not need a 24-hour call centre. However, if they are not as agile, susceptible to fall, are prone to kitchen accidents, and rarely have company then a 24-hour call centre is essential. Only the family can determine which system meets their particular needs.

The personal emergency button is worn on a lanyard around the senior’s neck. The family will want to decide what happens if the button is pushed. The first choice is a call centre that is manned 24-hours a day. If your loved one pushes this button, a professional will answer and respond by calling the appropriate emergency services. This type of button has a monthly subscription fee. The second choice is one that requires a one-time purchase. If the loved on pushes the button, it will call up to three pre-programmed numbers; likely the numbers of the nearest relative or designated person. That person will then be responsible for helping with whatever is needed at that time. Both of these options are viable and trustworthy. The lifestyle of the wearer and the family should dictate which button is purchased.

When you buy a personal emergency response system for an elderly loved one you have made a wise purchase. Your loved one will be safe in their home and the family will have peace of mind. Everyone benefits when a senior citizen living alone wears an emergency call button.

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