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That vital call comes; the one you hoped you’d never get. It’s your mom calling you from the personal alarm button that you purchased for her months ago. The vital call, the one that says your mom needs help. Your heart drops but you take off and get to her house just in time to help.

When you purchase a personal alarm system for your loved one, you hope it never has to be used. However, when it does, you’ve never been so grateful for a piece of technology. That one vital call could save your loved one’s life.

The button they push that calls your number and you rush right over is the one vital call button that you never want to live without. Your loved one is safe because you bought them a personal alarm system just when they needed it the most.

A personal alarm system is a must-have piece of equipment in an elderly person’s home. Your elderly loved one will be safe and secure when they have the ability to make that vital call via a button on their wrist or dangling from their neck. Should they fall in the shower or the kitchen, the vital call button works the same. It’s conveniently located so that they don’t have to reach for a button or crawl to a button on the wall. They don’t have to think about how to dial a phone for help. The vital call button is only a light press away from calling for help. An elderly loved one who remains in their home should not be without a personal alarm system.

Peace of mind is both affordable and practical. A one-time purchase of a personal alarm system can give your elderly loved one the comfort they need, knowing that you are only the push of a button away. Our ‘friends & family’ personal alarm system is programmable with up to three telephone numbers, so if you are not available, it will automatically dial the next person. You hope that it never happens but when that vital call comes in, you want to know that it’s time to get to your loved one right away. They won’t be laying on the floor for hours waiting for you to show up after work. With that vital call button securely within reach, everyone can rest easy knowing that their loved one is safe at home.

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