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No one knows when they might have a medical emergency. Most people don’t stop to think about what could happen if they had an accident while they were alone, especially if they live alone and no one is likely to find them for a long period of time. It is common for people to think that only the elderly will have a medical emergency, and many people make sure that their elderly relatives or friends have some type of personal alert or alarm system.

Some people use something simple like a bracelet or necklace that lets people know that they have some type of medical condition or allergy. Medical personnel are trained to look for these items when they are tending to people who have had an accident or some type of medical crisis. These products would be of no help if the wearer had a fall, or felt unwell, when they were alone and could not reach the phone. These items aren’t enough protection in case of a true emergency and many opt for something a bit more high tech.

There are a number of medical alert systems that a person can choose. There are alarm systems that can be set up in a person’s home that will alert 000 in case of an emergency. These systems are usually monitored by a particular company, and the person using the system will pay a monthly monitoring fee. All a person has to do is set off the alarm and the appropriate help will be dispatched. Many of these systems require that a person has a landline phone in order to connect to the monitoring system. Some products do not even require a landline.

The most popular type of medical alert system is a personal alarm that a person can wear around their neck or on their wrist. This is very convenient if a person has fallen or had some type of accident that prevents them from getting to a phone to call for help. All a person has to do is push a button and they will be immediately connected to the emergency help they need. A personal alarm could save a person’s life just by the push of a button.