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In March 2012, Community interest company Bora Health, exclusive Australian distributer of the SureSafe Personal Alarm, announced the launch of a website to raise awareness of the increasing challenge facing an ageing population of maintaining affordable, independent living by sharing information and solutions for people of all financial means. Since then, through building effective partnerships across the industry, both commercial and non-financial, Bora Health is now a leading network for seniors, and representing organizations, to discover more about independent living.

Since then Bora Health has gone from strength to strength and is the exclusive approved personal alarm supplier to ASX listed aged care residential homes company Eureka Group Holdings Ltd. Bora Health also provides lifesaving personal alarms to numerous hospitals and Government facilities including pathology units and drug and alcohol outreach programs. This is in addition to thousands of satisfied consumers and their families, who have peace of mind knowing that help is just a push of a button away on their SureSafe personal alarm.

As part of its continued commitment to elderly Australians in their quest to maintain independent living, Bora Health is launching a series of articles aimed at promoting the health and wellbeing of the baby boomers and beyond. From exercise suggestions for the over 60’s, tips on healthy eating and advice on the importance of maintaining active social lives, the series will provide valuable insights into how to make the most out of the retirement years – after all you’ve more than earned it!

Look out next week for the first installment of the series.


Who are Bora Health?

Bora Health is an Australian, British and American owned and operated community focused company, providing elderly Australians and their families with access to the information, products and services necessary to support affordable independent living. It is the exclusive authorised distributor of the SureSafe Personal Emergency Call System; a non-monitored personal alarm (otherwise known as an auto-dialer or smart-dialer medical alert), telephone based medical alarm system for Seniors.

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