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The ability to remain ‘independent’ and living at home can be impacted by a number of factors such as home upkeep, the need for transport and social amenities or needing help with certain services. In a series of articles over the coming weeks, Bora Health takes you through how a small one-off investment in a non-monitored personal alarm can support independence and provide peace of mind that in the event of an injury or sickness, seniors have access to help in their home.

What to expect over the course of the next few weeks:

Before you can identify any form of solution, you must first of all understand what the problem is and why it is there. In article 2 we will explore the problems facing ageing Australians and why they need to be addressed. In article 3 we identify the high level solutions available to address the issue as well as exploring the solutions in more detail to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of the various options. Article 3 concludes by identifying a number of other considerations people need to take into account when choosing a personal alarm for the elderly, before article 4 completes the series by identifying the solution of how we solve the problem of maintaining independent living.

Series Executive Summary:

–         Australia is facing an ageing population both numerically and proportionally. This will result in greater dependence on the state and federal purse, as well as a reduction of the tax base with which to sustain it. The burden of financial support will shift from the state to the individual.

–         Ageing Australians are financially underprepared for the costs of retirement.

–         Given the very high cost of nursing care, Government focus will increasingly turn to supporting independent living.

–         Assistive technology is rapidly being viewed as a solution for independent living.

–         Personal alarms are one type of assistive technology aimed at improving an individual’s personal safety by increasing their ability to maintain independent living.

–         There are a number of considerations when choosing a personal alarm including cost, quality, reliability and compliance with Australian regulations.

–         The SureSafe Personal Emergency Call System provides the solution – a life saving piece of assistive technology, state of the art design, the right balance of functionality and style, and all at a price that is affordable for all.


Who is Bora Health?

Bora Health is a community interest company committed to the belief that the ability to continue to live independently and age with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. Using that guiding principle, the business was built with the goal of providing a high quality product and service at a price that is affordable to all. 

Bora Health is an Australian, United Kingdom and United States owned and operated personal alarm company committed to providing elderly care services to an ageing world. Using technology and innovation, Bora Health aims to enhance the feeling of being safe and secure in your own home.

Look out for part 2 next week, where Bora Health identify the problems facing ageing Australians in maintaining independent living now and in the future.

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