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Welcome back to the 4th and final instalment of Bora Health’s review of the problems facing ageing Australians in maintaining independent living, and how assistive technology can provide a solution offering both peace of mind and affordability.


By way of a brief recap on what we have learned to date:


  • Australia is facing an ageing population both numerically and proportionally. This will result in greater dependence on the state and federal purse, as well as a reduction of the tax base with which to sustain it. The burden of financial support will shift from the state to the individual.
  • Ageing Australians are financially under prepared for the costs of retirement.
  • Given the very high cost of nursing care, Government focus will increasingly turn to supporting independent living.
  • Assistive technology is rapidly being viewed as a solution for independent living.
  • Personal alarms are one type of assistive technology aimed at improving an individual’s personal safety by increasing their ability to maintain independent living.


So who is Bora Health, what are they all about, and what is the solution to affordable independent living?


Who is Bora Health?

Bora Health is a community interest company committed to the belief that the ability to continue to live independently and age with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. Using that guiding principle, the business was built with the goal of providing a high quality product and service at a price that is affordable to all.  

Bora Health is an Australian, United Kingdom and American owned and operated personal alarm company committed to providing elderly care services and personal alarms to an ageing Australia. Using technology and innovation, Bora Health aims to enhance the feeling of being safe and secure in your own home.

Bora Health’s ethos is affordability, and this is achieved through:

  • being 100% online, ensuring competitive pricing
  • having an easy to install product with no installation costs
  • sourcing a quality product people can afford (compliance with Australian standards is a minimum)


Bora Health is the exclusive Australian suppliers of the SureSafe Personal Emergency Call System – an industry approved personal alarm and the market leader in its class.


  • a non-monitored personal alarm
  • links to PABX telephone system
  • 2 remote alarm pendants in the event of an emergency (1 water resistant pendant for use in the shower or bath)
  • autodials 3 pre-programmed telephone numbers when pendant emergency button activated
  • optional 6 second voice recorded message to be played in the event that the user is unable to communicate
  • two way communication: talk and listen
  • pendant range within 50m in open space
  • radio frequency: 433.92MHz
  • supplied with AC adapter, telephone cable and split telephone socket adapter
  • AC adapter: input 110~240V AC, output 6V DC
  • power back up: 4pcs AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • battery low indicator
  • 12 month warranty
  • dimensions: 120mm x 165mm x 42mm (W x H x D)



  • low up front cost: $229 (inc GST & Express Post)
  • no ongoing monthly costs/monitoring fees
  • easy to set-up and use: no installation costs
  • immediate access to family and friends: can be programmed to dial all mobile or landline telephone number, not reliant on 000
  • Australian standards compliant in accordance with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) requirements. A-Tick and C-Tick compliant.



Based on the factors to consider when purchasing a personal alarm:

  • initial cost
  • ongoing costs
  • the type of unit and its reliability
  • compliance with Australian standards and law
  • not being reliant on 000 as a first responder

The SureSafe Personal Emergency Call System satisfies all criteria, as well as a number of additional features and benefits listed above:

  • low cost: $229 one time payment
  • easy to use – simply plug in and away you go
  • compliant with Australian Standards – guaranteed reliability when you need it most
  • can be programmed to 3 friends and family telephone numbers
  • reliable landline system

Bora Health’s mission is to make independent living available for all, not just those that can afford it. Given that financial constraints on both the Government and the individual are expected to worsen in the coming years, a product with a one time all inclusive cost of only $229 is much needed in the market. In addition, it is important to note that the product satisfies all Australian regulations, has no ongoing costs, uses the more reliable landline telephone system and does not direct calls to 000, which is in line with Government advice.

Click here now to buy a SureSafe Personal Emergency Call System for only $229 inc GST and postage. A personal alarm with no ongoing fees ever. Peace of mind at the push of a button. Affordable for all.