SureSafe ActivePERS Pendant

SureSafe ActivePERS Pendant

SureSafe ActivePERS Pendant


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The SureSafe ActivePERS is a revolutionary product that will allow people to use their existing Google Smartphone to operate a Low Energy Bluetooth pendant.

This pendant has an activation button as well as the latest fall detection technology. It not only detects a fall but also analyses what the wearer was do before and after the fall. Resulting in fewer false alarms and a better protection for the wearer.

SureSafeGo features include

  • The most advanced fall detection algorithms available
  • Quickly contact 1 emergency contact with two way communication through the phone
  • Simultaneously send out 5 emergency messages, with a link to Google maps showing the exact location and address
  • Activity tracker with weekly reports, set health and rehabilition goals
  • 80m range from the mobile device, so there is no need to have the phone constantly in your pocket
  • The pendant never has to be charged as you simply purchase a new pendant when required


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