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One of the worst feelings ever is finding out that a loved one needed your help but couldn’t get to the phone and ended up laying on the floor in pain for hours until someone checked on them. While technology has made the mobile phone a ‘must have’ and just about everyone has one, this resource may still not be simple enough for an elderly relative who has fallen and isn’t able to reach their mobile.

The immediate solution that many adult children think of first is to have the senior parent move in with them but this isn’t always suitable for either party. Elderly individuals enjoy the comfort of their own home and they do not always easily give up their independence just because of something that ‘might’ happen. Instead, there is an alternative that provides quick and easy emergency access and continuing freedom.

Panic alert systems give seniors the ability to press a single button worn on a pendant around their neck or on a watch band around the wrist. There are no fancy number pads, all they have to do is press a large red button and the system automatically dials the response centre or pre-programmed numbers of friends or family members. The system makes that vital call that brings emergency assistance to the patient with no delay or gap in time between the incident and the notification. This is critical and its value cannot be underestimated as studies show the sooner someone receives help the better their recovery. Users have the option to choose a response centre which comes with 24-hour monitoring or a system where up to 3 numbers are programmed to be automatically dialed, usually of family and friends.

When you work with a company that is well-known and respected in the medical alert industry then there is never any question that you will receive high quality products and customer satisfaction. You cannot always be there for your loved one but you can make sure that they have the resources they need to make that vital call and get help as soon as possible. This gives everyone the peace of mind and the ability to continue on with their lives.

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