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A care alert smart dialer is a great device to have for senior citizens who live alone. The dialer is a simple button that calls for help. When a senior loved one is not ready to move into assisted living and they live on their own, then a care alert system is a great safety precaution. Putting safety measures in place to protect a senior citizen who is living alone is a practical step in independent living. If the family is concerned about falling, kitchen accidents, or other emergency situations, they should definitely purchase a care alert smart dialer. The dialer is an affordable purchase for the family.

When a care alert system is purchased there is not going to be a monthly subscription fee. The family will buy the system, hook it up, program their phone numbers in and they are done. It is very simple to set up and to operate.

The alert button is worn around the loved one’s neck or on their wrist. If they feel they are in trouble they just press the button and it automatically dials the first number that was programmed in. That number should be a designated person who can drop everything and help immediately. If that number isn’t answered the smart dialer will automatically go to the next one, up to three numbers.

These are fantastic devices that bring peace of mind to the family and friends of your elderly loved one who lives alone. Your loved one can live alone for many more years because they have a way of calling for help. Sometimes accidents happen away from the phone but as long as the button is on the person, it can be pressed. Having an emergency button may encourage the senior to walk around the house more, to cook like they used to, or to just be less afraid in their own home. A care alert smart dialer restores confidence and motivation to get up and move about the house.

A family who makes the commitment to purchase a personal alarm for their loved one has made a wise decision. Everyone involved will be happier and feel better about their senior being alone. There is really no reason to wait.

Purchase a care alert smart dialer today and begin feeling the peace of mind that comes with it.

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