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Medical alert devices are an important part of a senior citizen’s independence. If you have an elderly loved one in your life whether it be your grandmother, grandfather, or mum and dad then you need to think about purchasing an Australian medical alert device.

A medical alert device in Australia gives an elderly person the freedom to remain in their home. It offers peace of mind and security to the family who constantly worries about home related accidents. Medical alert devices come in two formats and both are affordable and necessary.

A medical alert device is a button that the senior citizen wears around their neck or on their wrist. The point is, that the device is within reach if there should be a fall. When the button is pushed, someone is called, and help is on the way. This is where the family needs to decide which button is best. The choice is a button that calls a designated member of the family or one that calls a 24/7 emergency call centre who in turn calls emergency services.

Both buttons are a great choice and both offer peace of mind and safety. The difference is the cost associated with each button. If you are comfortable being the designated emergency call number then making a one-time purchase of a medical alert device might be right. However, if you work and there is no one available at a moment’s notice then the 24/7 call centre is the right choice. The call centre device requires a monthly subscription fee. These are very important decisions and they should be made with many things in mind.

Talk to your loved one and see what they want. Ask yourself if there is a family member that is available to be on call. Think about the activity level of your senior. Are they active in the kitchen, in the garden, and visiting with neighbours? Once you have your answers you and your family will be able to make an informed decision as to which medical alert device is best for your family. Now is the time to decide which button to purchase because the sooner it is installed the closer the family is to safety and security.

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