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SureSafe – Alarm Devices For Independent Living

SureSafe Alarms are committed to the belief that the ability to maintain independent living with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. With that in mind we built our business with the goal of providing high-quality personal alarm devices and emergency response solutions at a price that is affordable to all.

We focus on providing a high-quality emergency response service and customer experience – we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations with our personal emergency alarm response system. We are also the exclusive Australian and United Kingdom suppliers of SureSafe Personal Alarm Devices and Personal Emergency Response Systems

Part of the Bora Health group of companies, we are a Global personal alarm company committed to providing elderly care services to an ageing world. We use technology and innovation to promote independent living with our SureSafe personal emergency alarm response systems to create a feeling of being safe and secure in your own home. Our global reach and experience means that we have literally thousands of satisfied customers worldwide with our care alert systems.

The SureSafe Personal Emergency Response System uses a smart dialer to help senior Australians make that vital call should an emergency occur. A medical alert system that allows a vulnerable personal to call for help, at the push of a panic button, should they fall or become unwell.

SureSafe Personal Alarms are committed to the vision of making independent living available for everyone, not just those that can afford it.

In light of recent changes to legislation, and continuing with SureSafe’s commitment to ensuring our clients’ safety, we must have our end users’ current name, address and contact number on file. If you do have one of our alarms and have moved house please let us know ASAP so we can update our records. If you have any queries about this please call us on 1300 739 991.

We are committed to affordability:

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Our Mission

We are a community minded company that believes in the power of sharing knowledge, advice and guidance with the broader community relating to independent living. Please read our Independent Living Advice section as a part of our blog for more details.

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