Personal Safety Alarms and Medical Alarm Systems

At SureSafe we empower the elderly and those with a disability by providing them with personal safety alarms and medical alarm systems for emergency alerts and responses, allowing them to live life more independently and safely.

Our devices are designed to integrate seamlessly with their owners’ lifestyle, keeping them safe without disrupting their daily routine.

We offer a wide range of personal alarms and emergency medical alarm systems, ranging from mobile alert devices to more advanced monitoring systems for complete home coverage.



Our personal alarm systems are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, providing greater safety and security without interfering with your daily life.



SureSafe is the trusted personal alarm supplier for several aged care properties across Australia. Our products are also used regularly in government initiatives like drug & alcohol outreach programs and pathology departments in hospitals.

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Our devices provide quick alerts, comprehensive security and easy access to emergency services so that you or your loved one can receive treatment as soon as possible whenever required.


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We offer free shipping Australia-wide and a 12-month warranty for all our products, giving you even more peace of mind for protecting yourself or your loved ones.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

SureSafe is proudly included in the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), which ensures better and more comprehensive services and support for people with disabilities.

Our devices and medical alarm systems are categorised in the NDIS’s Assistive Technology or Consumables funding, and we can even use our access to the NDIS portal to simplify and speed up your ordering process. With this access, you can get the personal alarm and emergency response products you need sooner and more easily.

Featured Product Video

SureSafeGO – The ‘Anywhere’ Alarm for the Elderly

SureSafeGO is the newest and best personal safety alarm available in Australia, offering the broadest range of features:

  • Fully Mobile Alarm – protection at home and away from it
    Family & Friends Alarm – calls and texts up to 5 telephone numbers
  • GPS Positioning – Google Maps location sent to nominated contacts
    Talking Pendant: full two-way communication is available through the pendant
  • Automatic Fall Detection – alarm activates automatically when it senses a fall

Only $399.00

Click on the video to see why SureSafeGO are the best personal alarms for the elderly available!

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All personal safety alarm products shown on our website can be purchased online and dispatched Australia wide. For more information on our products or if you’d like assistance placing an order, call us on 1300 739 991, send us an email at or visit our contact page to fill in our contact form.


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