SureSafe recognises that each person’s personal alarm requirements will be different. While some people require traditional in-home alarm systems, others require more bespoke personal alarm solutions.

For example, some people want protection and peace of mind away from the home as well as in it; people with dementia or other degenerative conditions may require more specific products features than are generally available e.g. wandering alarms. Whatever your medical alarm requirements, we will find the best solution available.

SureSafe is Australia’s leading independent personal alarm provider with a team of Independent Living Consultants, that will help you to decide what is the best product to suit your individual needs, as well as your budget. Call us now on 1300 739 991 for a confidential, free and independent assessment of what type of alarm is right for you. your needs:

work place assident

Workplace Health and Safety Solutions

Workplace Health and Safety Solutions

Ensure you are staying ahead of your OH&S requirements using our innovative GPS alarms

old couple wearing pendal alarm

Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly assist Australians to stay living in their own homes, both safer and for longer. Personal alarms for the elderly are  trusted solutions to help people live longer and safer in their own home.

Fall Alarm

SureSafe’s fall alarm pendants are available in both our monitored and non monitored alarms. Falls alarm for the elderly activate automatically when a fall is detected, there is no need to press the button. Help will be on the way