Our alarms are all sent via express courier and, if ordered before 12pm, are sent that day. If you are living in a major city or major regional hub, your order should arrive within 1-2 days business days. For regional areas please allow 2-3 business days.

Yes, we can either program your alarm for you before its sent, can assist once it arrives or you can do this yourself. If programmed before its sent, all you need to do is connect your charging cables and fully charge your alarm. Your included user guide will provide instructions on setting up your contacts. If you can send an SMS then you are able to program your alarm.

The SureSafeGO 4GX and SureSafeGO PLUS have no monthly fees or charges. They run off a SIM card which is provided by us and is only $40 per year. The SIM card for the first year is included in the price when purchasing your alarm.

No, our alarms are designed to be simple to use and easy to operate. If your emergency contacts have been saved by us then your alarm is ready to use from the box.

Yes, both of our alarms can be called at any time. Your alarm will have its own unique, Australian phone number, that can be shared with friends and family. You can answer an incoming call by pressing the SOS button for 1 second. You can also end the call by pressing the SOS for 1 second.

Our alarms both have inbuilt automatic fall detection. This is designed to detect serious fall which has resulted in someone being unconscious after tripping from standing. If you have fallen and need heard your alarm announce “fall alert has been activated” then you will need to activate your alarm by pressing your SOS. The fall alert is designed in this way to avoid false alerts.

Yes, once you receive your alarm we can adjust the sensitivity of your fall detection to suit your level of activity. We can also disable this feature entirely if needed.

When fully charged the screen on the SureSafeGO PLUS will display 100%. Your alarm will need to be charged every 24hours. Depending on usage and mobile signal in your home, this may be slightly longer.

When fully charged the red light on the side of your unit will turn solid. Your alarm will need to be charged every 2-5 days depending on usage and the strength of signal in your home.

Your alarm includes everything needed for it to operate. We have the alarm itself with the charging cradle and cables. Your SureSafeGO 4GX also comes with a wristband, belt-clip and lanyard as different wearable options.

Yes, both alarms are fine to wear in the shower however they cannot be fully submerged in water.

Our head office is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We unfortunately do not have a retail shopfront in our office suite. If you have any questions about our alarms or would like to organise one please give us a call on 1300 739 991.