Lone Worker Alarm

Keep your lone and at-risk workers safe wherever they’re working from with the SureSafe Lone Worker Alarm.

Man Down Alarm System & Personal Safety Devices for Lone Workers & At-Risk Employees

Our lone worker man-down alarm devices are designed with all the features you need to give your isolated workers complete confidence to work safely wherever they are. It can also help you monitor their progress and meet WH&S guidelines for worker safety, helping you ensure their well-being while minimising your risks as an employer.

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Lone Worker Alarm Features

  • Fully mobile – Give your lone workers more freedom to move and work in different locations. As a fully mobile device, our lone worker alarms will provide coverage wherever there are mobile and Internet connections.
  • Peer-supported – Get practical advice and training from experts of WH&S guidelines and personal alarms devices.
  • Multi-functional – Our personal safety devices can also serve as a lone worker panic alarm that provides instant alerts to your monitoring team in the event of an emergency. Our devices can also work the same way as man down alarm devices for better safety.
  • Tailored solutions – Get devices and monitoring systems tailored to your needs and preferences. Every company has different safety requirements and guidelines, so we will work with you to create a monitoring system that suits your needs.
  • Support and training – If you need help incorporating our personal alarm device with your staff, we can provide additional training and support to help make your transition smoother.

Who Can Use Lone Worker Man Down Devices?

With built-in personal safety alarm systems and full monitoring and coverage, our lone worker alarm with lone worker button is suitable for different types of workers.

1. Lone Workers

Employees who are isolated from the rest of your team and those who work alone off-site face more risks to their health and well-being. Our alarm can help keep them safer by providing ongoing monitoring and establishing direct communication systems with your team.

2. At-Risk Employees

Those who work in high-risk jobs and dangerous worksites will require special alert and monitoring systems to keep them safe on the job. With its panic alarm and duress alarm features, the SureSafe lone worker alarm can help your at-risk employees stay safe and call for assistance instantly whenever necessary.

3. Employees with Special Medical Conditions

If you have employees with special medical conditions (e.g. fainting spells, heart problems, severe allergies, ), our alarms can give them greater peace of mind knowing they can call for help and get assistance quickly if they need it.

Man-Down Alarm System Australia

A Cost-Effective Way to Keep Your Lone Workers Safe!

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective way to keep your isolated and at-risk workers safe, the SureSafe lone worker alarm is one of your best solutions.

Not only does it work as a full-featured man down safety alarm, but it can also serve as a monitoring device where you can track your employee’s work and progress.

Call 1300 739 991 today to find out more about our lone worker alarm system and mand down alarm devices. You can also send us a message if you have any other questions or enquiries about our personal safety alarm devices