4GX Personal Medical Alarm

Medical Alarms To Support Independent Living

Don’t let a medical condition stop you or a loved one from living a full, safe, and independent life.

If you or a loved one has a medical condition that requires extra monitoring, our SureSafe personal alarm can act as a medical alert pendant that can provide the coverage you need. Use it as a medical duress alarm to alert authorities instantly or as a tool for providing extra peace of mind.

Whether you’re dealing with an injury that affects your mobility or a condition that makes you prone to fainting or falling, our personal medical alarm can help make your life much easier at home and outside.

Browse our range of medical alarm devices to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Blue SureSafeGO 'Anywhere' Alarm

Discover The Benefits Of A Medical Alert Pendant

  • Supports Independent Living

Living alone with a medical condition can be difficult, especially if it causes mobility issues or serious threats to your well-being. With a medical alarm system, you can live alone or spend most of your days without depending on another person always being by your side.

  • Send Alerts Instantly

Many medical conditions require quick and timely medical assistance when something goes wrong. With a medical duress alarm, you or your loved one can call for help instantly with a push of a button. This instant alert is incredibly helpful for those with serious medical conditions, especially during emergencies.

  • Extra Peace of Mind

Medical alarm systems offer additional monitoring capabilities for you or your loved one, providing reassurance that you can get help or assistance quickly when you need it. For carers and family members, this extra peace of mind is priceless.

Why Choose Sure Safe For Your Medical Alarm?


High-Quality Devices

Our products are known for their quality and reliability, ensuring you can get a personal medical alarm that you can always count on. We know that medical alarm systems can save lives and make people’s lives easier, so we make sure that our devices are always first-class. When you buy SureSafe, you know you’re buying quality.


Purpose-Built for the User

Our products are designed to help users live more independently and with less worry. We see to it that our personal medical alarms have features that make your life easier and safer both at home and outside. Whatever product you get from us, you can rest assured that it will be easy to use and simple to set up.

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Expert Advice

At SureSafe, we want you to get the best solution for your needs and lifestyle. We understand that every person is different, so we always try to make sure you get the right device for yourself or your loved one. If you need expert advice and recommendations, we have personal alarm specialists who are always ready to help.

Features of the Suresafe Personal Medical Alarm

    If you press the SOS on the pendant, it will activate a voice call and send its location to 5 emergency contacts via google maps link. You can then talk into the pendant to provide more details of your situation.
    Gives protection anywhere you have a mobile phone signal, whether you’re home or ‘out and about’. No one wants to be stuck at home or worried about leaving the safety of home. With a SureSafeGO, you will be protected everywhere so you or your loved one can live an independent life more confidently and securely.
    Many alarms on the market will only activate if the button is pressed, but the SureSafeGO has an automatic fall detector that senses a fall and activates the alarm. This is extremely useful because some falls can render victims unconscious or immobile and impair their ability to get help.
    Quickly finds where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is an incredibly handy function for people who wander and get lost easily.
    Creates a safety zone or virtual fence for better monitoring and protection. If the pendant goes outside its predetermined area, all contacts are immediately notified.
    Depending on the use of the battery, the SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ personal medical alarm will last approximately 2-3 days depending on use. You can change the settings to extend the battery life to over a month.
    The hyper charging cradle will re-power the device to full power in about 2 hours. This simple and free-standing charging station is intuitive and easy to use, making recharging your personal alarm a breeze.
    Step-by-step instructions are included with every unit, so you can know every feature and function. You can also call us for free on 1300 739 991 to speak to a technician if you have any questions about its setup and features.
    The SureSafeGO personal medical alarm is small and light, measuring just 61x42x16mm and weighing less than 40 grams – you will hardly notice you are wearing it! This small and lightweight design allows you to bring it anywhere with you easily, making it more convenient to get full monitoring and protection no matter where you go.
    The SureSafeGO anywhere alarm is now available as a wrist band and also as a belt clip. The SureSafeGO is all about independence. The new wearable options, give you the flexibility to wear the alarm in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Need More Information Aout Our Medical Alarm Devices?

If you have questions about getting a personal medical alarm for yourself or your loved one, fill out our contact form for your enquiries. You can also contact us or call 1300 739 991 if you want to chat with one of our product specialists.

We’re always happy to provide the information you need to make the right decision for your needs and budget.