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SOS SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX Medical Alert with Fall Detection

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The SureSafeGO 4GX SOS SmartWatch is the ultimate personal safety device, designed for elderly individuals and those with disabilities who want to stay protected without sacrificing style or simplicity. With its sleek and subtle design, our smartwatch provides advanced and innovative medical alert systems, two-way communication and GPS tracking.

The SureSafeGO smartwatch is equipped with automatic fall detection and a medical alert function, which can instantly notify emergency contacts if the wearer experiences a fall, as well as no-movement detection, complete water resistance and heart rate monitor and step counter. The 4GX technology allows the watch to work anywhere with mobile signal and stay connected with loved ones.

Upgraded Easy On/Off Magnetic Wristband Black

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SureSafeGO SmartWatch 

Convenience, Peace of Mind, and 4G Coverage

The SureSafeGO’s medical alert and automatic fall detection smartwatch is the newest and best personal safety and medical alarm available in Australia, offering the broadest range of features:

  • One-touch Personal Alarms – get help at the touch of a button
  • GPS Positioning – Google Maps location sent to nominated contacts
  • Communicate – full two-way communication is available through the smartwatch
  • Automatic Fall Detection – alarm activates automatically when it senses a fall
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Step Counter – keep track of activity and monitor your heart rate while on-the-go

Our SmartWatch Has Fall Detection & a Medical Alert Function

Designed to look like a stylish smartwatch, our SureSafeGO advanced medical alert and fall detection SmartWatch makes it so that the user won’t even feel they’re wearing an emergency medical device. This innovation is great for those trying to live an active lifestyle and wanting a medical alert device that won’t get in their way like pendants sometimes can.

Using the latest communications technology, the SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX can easily raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. The single-touch SOS button allows the wearer to quickly get in touch with the listed contacts when help is needed. The user can designate up to five emergency contacts; in case of an emergency, the vibrating alarm watch will cycle through the contacts until somebody answers and is even smart enough to recognise if it’s talking to a machine.

With the SureSafeGO Plus Family Monitored, you are not just wearing a smartwatch, and you’re not just carrying a medical device—you’re wearing peace of mind in style.

The SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX medical alert watch also comes with a yearly Telstra SIM which covers all emergency activations. After the first 12 months, the SIM is only $40 per year! Read More

The Best Smart Watch for Seniors in Australia to Pursue an Active Lifestyle

Elderly people and those with health problems are more likely than others to suffer falls or experience medical emergencies. In these cases, attention is required quickly and that’s where our smart watch for seniors in Australia can provide invaluable support.

Wearing a senior smart watch in Australia will give users the confidence to continue with an active life, knowing that help will be with them quickly if they do get into difficulties. It also provides reassurance for relatives since they know their loved ones are safe while being able to remain independent.

How the Best Smartwatch for Seniors in Australia Works

Around half of falls occur outside so our fall detection watch for seniors in Australia has a 4GX signal that enables communication wherever there’s a mobile signal, meaning users can safely move about in most places. It also has GPS tracking for seniors so the user can be located wherever they are. Many falls also result from slips in the bathroom, so our fall detection watch is waterproof to allow it to be worn when taking a shower.

If any sort of medical emergency does occur, most things happen automatically since the wearer may be incapable of many actions:

  1. The alarm is activated either by the wearer pressing the SOS button or by the watch detecting that the user has fallen. It does this by sensing a sudden change of height when the watch is being worn followed by a period of no movement.
  2. Once activated, an SMS is sent, with the user’s current location, to up to five designated mobile phone numbers.
  3. These numbers are then called in sequence, moving on to the next one if the current one doesn’t answer promptly.
  4. When a number answers, details can be given via a two-way conversation so that prompt action can be taken.

The recorded numbers for the smart watch can include a response centre and relatives, whatever is required.

Our smart watch for elderly in Australia has many of the features you would expect from a high quality smart watch. Most relevant for elderly users are:

  • a heart rate monitor that can alert to problems
  • a step counter for those who want to remain active.

Stylish and Practical

Our smartwatches are not only stylish and comfortable to wear, but they’re also fully functional and provide extensive protection for the vulnerable. And they give complete freedom of movement because users don’t need to remain near a base station for the alarm to work.

They don’t need to be paired with a mobile phone and so are ideal for those who have difficulty holding and using such a device. As a result, users can have full telephone functions using a device that is strapped to their wrist.

If you need a good-looking smartwatch with full functionality that will provide protection for anyone vulnerable, we have the ideal one for you.

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How Does the SureSafeGO SmartWatch Work ?

SureSafeGO Smart Watch

1. When Activated the SureSafeGO 4GX sends an SMS with the wearers locations out to up five stored mobile numbers.

SureSafeGO with 2 way communication

2. It will then call each number in the order they’ve been saved to allow a 2-way chat between the wearer and their emergency contacts.

SureSafeGO watch with call capabilities

3. If the call isn’t connected with 10 seconds, the alarm will then quickly call the next number.

Emergency & Medical Alerts, Automatic Fall Detection & More

Automatic Fall Detection

The watch’s built-in sensors are designed to automatically detect when the wearer has had a fall. This crucial feature mitigates the risks involved with someone being rendered unconscious after suffering from a slip or fall.

Single-Touch Emergency & Medical Alert 

Whenever the user feels unwell or unsafe, emergency services or help can be notified with the press of a button. Alert emergency services or up to five designated contacts with the SmartWatch’s single-touch feature.

Voice Alerts

Our advanced voice feature allows the SOS SmartWatch to tell the wearer what’s happening with the alarm. If the battery gets low or the alarm is activated, a verbal notification will be played to confirm exactly what is happening.

GPS Tracking

Easily see where your loved ones are with our built-in GPS tracking. A Google Maps link is sent to the nominated contacts when the SOS SmartWatch is activated. They can also request the location of the wearer at any time if they are worried about their welfare. 

Water Resistant

Since slips and falls occur more often in the bathroom or wet areas, our personal alarm watch is completely water-resistant and safe to wear in the shower, giving you peace of mind while you or your loved one are out-and-about as well as at home.

Fully Pre-Programmed

The SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX SmartWatch is ready to use from the moment you open the box. We believe that peace of mind and protection shouldn’t come with any frills. Our team can also help to update emergency contacts remotely.

SureSafeGo Plus 4GX Smart SOS Medical Alert Watch

The new Family Monitored SureSafeGO Plus 4GX is the latest and most advanced SOS watch product in our range to date. It packs a big bag of features that most modern smartwatches have, plus more. Like the trusted SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ Personal Medical Alarm, the SuresafeGO Plus 4GX medical alarm and emergency SmartWatch uses GPS technology and offers users more features than any other personal alarm watch available.

Whether the user is staying home, running errands or having a leisurely stroll outside, an emergency response just is a touch away. The user can also take advantage of two-way communications between contacts and family, using mobile technology, independent from wired base units.

How Does the SmartWatch Work in an Emergency?

  1. Once activated, the SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX sends an SMS with the wearer’s location to up to five stored mobile numbers.
  2. It will then call each number in the order they’ve been saved to allow two-way communications between the user and their emergency contacts.
  3. If the first person doesn’t answer within 10 seconds, the watch will continue to call the next number and cycle through the contacts.

Additionally, nominated contacts can locate the wearer anytime by sending an SMS and calling the alarm’s number anytime.

  • One-Touch Personal Alarm
    Whenever the user suddenly feels unwell, runs into an emergency or suffers from a slip-and-fall, help will always be available at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic Fall Detection
    Built-in sensors that detect falls will override the need for pushing the SOS button. This essential feature addresses the possibility of someone being rendered unconscious after falling.
  • No Movement Alarm
    If the user doesn’t move for a set period, the smartwatch will notify emergency contacts through a text alert.
  • Find Me Function
    Nominated contacts can locate the user through a simple text request.
  • Showerproof
    Able to be used in the shower, the watch can contact family and friends in the event of a fall or a serious medical event.
  • Fully Mobile 4GX: Use at Home or on the Go
    This fully mobile wearable works entirely independently from a landline and can be used to talk directly to your contacts using a 4GX signal. Wherever a mobile signal is available, the user can connect to their family members and emergency contacts.
  • Talking Personal Alarm Pendant
    Two-way communications mean that the user can connect to their chosen contacts or emergency response operators. Wherever the user may be, fully mobile technology allows connectivity wherever a mobile signal is available.
  • Step and Activity Counter
    For those trying to keep an active lifestyle, the watch features movement sensors that record the user’s steps to make sure they’re reaching their daily goals.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
    The built-in heart rate sensor is helpful for those who want to be aware of their heart rate.

More Than Just a Medical & Personal Alarm SmartWatch

The SureSafeGO Plus 4GX SmartWatch is not your typical SOS watch, as it offers Australia’s best wrist-worn personal alarm for the elderly that allows two-way communication between the wearer and their responder.

While most personal and medical alarms require you to be near the base unit to talk, our advanced personal and medical alert SmartWatch will let you talk from wherever you are. You can talk to your emergency contact like you would on the telephone. This enables better and faster emergency responses, letting you request help sooner when you need it while allowing the responder to provide instructions if necessary.

If you need more information about our vibrating medical alert SmartWatch, contact us today to find out more.

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Great Features in a Stylish, Wearable Wrist Watch

  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Interchangeable Watch Bands
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Activity/Step Counter
  • No-Movement Alarm

The SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX is the most advanced personal alarm watch alarm available today. It provides the wearer with unparalleled safety while staying in style. The subtle design of the SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX gives people the confidence to stay active and healthy without risking their safety. What’s more, our SmartWatch is eligible for NDIS funding! 

Choose Medical Alert & Personal Alarms from SureSafe

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