Panic Alarms For The Elderly

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Secure with Panic Alarms

Looking for a reliable and effective way to keep your elderly loved ones safe and secure? Our emergency elderly panic alarms are easy to use and provide peace of mind for both the elderly person and their carers or family members. With just a push of a button, help can be summoned quickly and easily, no matter where the person may be.

SureSafe’s Elderly Panic Alarms 

Personal and Elderly Panic Alarms & Buttons

As people age, their risk of falling, becoming disoriented, or experiencing a medical emergency increases. In these situations, quick access to help can be critical. That’s where our panic alarms for the elderly come in. By providing an easy way to call for assistance, these alarms can help prevent accidents, injuries, and even save lives. They provide peace of mind for both the elderly person and their carers or family members, allowing them to enjoy greater independence and security.

In the event of an emergency, having a reliable panic button or alarm device such as the SureSafeGo ‘Anywhere’ Alarm can be a lifesaver. These personal panic alarms are designed to provide peace of mind and support independent living for seniors, by allowing them to make a crucial call for help with just the press of a button. Whether it’s due to a fall or an unexpected health issue, our modern and reliable panic alarms ensure that assistance is just a button press away.

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What is a Panic Alarm?

A panic alarm is a small, portable device that enables you to quickly send an alert for help in case of an emergency or distress. With just a simple push of an SOS button, you can summon immediate assistance from one of your pre-selected emergency contacts.

Panic alarms provide a convenient and efficient way to get help in potentially dangerous situations, particularly for vulnerable populations such as the elderly. These devices empower seniors to live more independently with confidence, knowing that they can easily call for help in case of an emergency.

At SureSafe, we specialise in providing high-quality personal panic alarms for the elderly. Our panic alarms are designed to help seniors stay safe and secure and to give their families and caregivers peace of mind.

Who can Use a Panic Alarm?

Although the SureSafe panic alarm is ideal for the elderly, it can be used by anyone who could benefit from its instant alerts and fast communication system, including a wireless panic button for elderly users,  In many situations, a personal alarm can send alerts for help faster than a mobile phone or regular landline.

If you need even more protection, we also provide SureSafe personal alarms with automatic fall detection that will send alerts instantly once it detects a fall.

People with Disabilities or Mobility Issues

Those with disabilities or mobility issues can use the SureSafe panic alarm to request medical assistance quickly if they’re alone or living independently. We are registered with the NDIS – learn more here.

People with Serious Medical Conditions

People who require regular monitoring or medical assistance at home can use the SureSafe panic alarm to alert emergency contacts or medical services quickly whenever they need help.

People Prone to Falling or Fainting

If you’re prone to falling or fainting spells, the SureSafe panic alarm can help you send an alert for assistance sooner, especially if you’re away from your mobile phone. 

Lone or At-Risk Workers

People who are working alone or work in isolated areas can use the SureSafe panic alarm as a lone worker duress button to send alerts for assistance quickly. This is especially useful for those who work in high-risk occupations and locations.

SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ Panic Alarm

The SureSafeGo ‘Anywhere’ personal, medical and panic alarm is the perfect solution for individuals who want to enjoy greater independence and mobility while still having access to reliable emergency assistance. Our panic alarm seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, so you can go anywhere with confidence and peace of mind.

Our personal medical alarm features a two-way communication pendant that enables you to make calls or send text alerts in case of an emergency. With advanced features such as automatic fall detection and a “find me” feature, you can rely on our pendant to provide you with the help you need when you need it most.

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Why Use a Panic Alarm?

A panic alarm is a crucial safety device that can provide peace of mind and security in emergency situations. 

  • Independence – Live on your own safely without depending on family or carers. The SureSafe panic alarms for the elderly provide you with complete peace of mind with a medical and emergency alarm system that supports safe and independent living. 
  • Confidence – Live independently with greater peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one can call for help easily in times of emergencies. Whether you get it for yourself or a loved one, a panic alarm will help you live life with more confidence and security.
  • Assurance – Whether you’re at work or living far away, a personal alarm assures you, your family, or your carers that you are safe. A panic alarm quickly alerts family and friends at the push of a button if you or a loved one falls ill. This assurance goes a long way to living more peacefully with less worry.
  • Convenience – With a panic alarm, help will always be just the push of a button away. Our panic alarm system for seniors features a simple emergency button that makes sending alerts incredibly easy. Call for help faster and get assistance sooner with one of our panic alarms set up for you or your loved one.

Discover The Top Features of Our Panic Alarms

A panic alarm quickly alerts family and friends at the push of a button if you or a loved one falls ill. The SureSafe elderly personal alarms give you complete peace of mind with a medical alarm system that supports safe and independent living.

    If you press the SOS panic button on the medical alert pendant, it will activate a voice call and send its location to 5 emergency contacts via a Google Maps link. You can then talk into the pendant to provide more details of your situation.
    Provides protection anywhere you have a mobile phone signal, whether you’re home or ‘out and about’. With a SureSafeGO panic alarm device, you will be protected everywhere so you or your loved one can live an independent life more confidently and securely.
    Many alarms on the market will only activate if the button is pressed, but the SureSafeGO has an automatic fall detector that senses a fall and activates the alarm. This is extremely useful because some falls can render victims unconscious or immobile and impair their ability to get help when they need it.
    Quickly finds where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is an incredibly handy function for people who wander and get lost easily or who need help away from home.
    Creates a safety zone or virtual fence for better monitoring and protection. If the pendant goes outside its predetermined area, all contacts are immediately notified.
    Depending on the use of the battery, the SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ panic alarm will last approximately 2-3 days. You can change the settings to extend the battery life to over a month.
    The hyper charging cradle will re-power the device to full power in about 2 hours. This simple and free-standing charging station is intuitive and easy to use, making recharging your personal alarm a breeze.
    Step-by-step instructions are included with every alert device, so you can know how every feature and function works. You can also call us for free on 1300 739 991 to speak to one of our technicians if you have any questions about your device’s setup and features.
    The SureSafeGO is small and light, measuring just 61x42x16mm and weighing less than 40 grams – you will hardly notice you are wearing it! This small and lightweight design allows you to bring it anywhere with you easily, making it more convenient to get full monitoring and protection no matter where you go.
    The SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ alarm is available as a pendant, wristband and belt clip. The SureSafeGO is all about independence. The new wearable options give you the flexibility to wear the alarm in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs.

How Does the SureSafe GO Panic Alarm Work?

  1. Push the button to activate an alert.

If you feel unwell, have fallen, or simply need assistance, simply push the button in the middle of your SureSafe panic alarm to activate an alert. The button is big and accessible, making it easy to activate and call for help whenever you need it.

  1. Send an alert to your nominated contacts.

Once you’ve activated your panic alarm, it will automatically send an alert and attempt to call one of your nominated emergency contacts. The SureSafe panic alarm can store up to three emergency contacts and will attempt to call each contact one by one until the call is answered.

  1. Communicate with your contact.

The SureSafe panic alarm offers two-way communication, so you can talk with your emergency contact freely via the alarm itself. This allows you to easily provide updates to your emergency contacts or receive instructions until further assistance arrives.

Having a SureSafe personal alarm system for seniors is your best insurance against this, providing a vital piece to your harm reduction plan.

Black Pendant

SureSafeGo is a fully mobile GPS tracker alarm designed with your elderly loved ones top of mind. Offering protection both at home and away, it includes two-way communication, calls and text alerts when activated, a convenient “Find me” feature and automatic fall detection. 

Buy your SureSafe emergency panic alarms for seniors now (from only $479.00) and enjoy ongoing protection with NO monthly fees!

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