Personal Alarm Systems for the Elderly

A Panic Alarm to Provide Peace of Mind

Question: Why Buy a Panic Alarm?
Answer: For your complete peace of mind.

As you age, the risk of falls increases. We’ve all heard those terrible stories of a loved one who has unfortunately fallen and not been able to get up. Those long lonely hours should be avoided at all costs!

Having a SureSafe personal alarm system for seniors is your best insurance against this, providing a vital piece to your harm reduction plan.

Buy your SureSafe panic alarm now (from only $219.00) and enjoy ongoing protection with NO monthly fees.

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How Can SureSafe Help?

A panic alarm quickly alerts family and friends at the push of a button if you or a loved one falls ill. The SureSafe Personal Alarms for the elderly gives you complete peace of mind with a medical alarm system that supports safe and independent living.

Features of the SureSafe Panic Alarm:

  • Simple and practical design – Our personal alarm system for seniors features a wireless pendant design with a big and accessible button – just press the button to call for help.
  • Two-way communication – Talk or listen freely when the telephone is connected.
  • No monthly fees…EVER! – Save more money by buying and paying for your panic alarm only once.
  • Multiple emergency contacts – Store up to three emergency contacts (e.g. family, friends, carer) that your personal alarm can automatically call during emergencies.
  • Water resistance – SureSafe personal alarms are water resistant, so you won’t need to worry about lights spills on your alarm
  • Telephone access – Simply plug into your telephone and away goes the panic button to keep you safer.

Why Use a Panic Alarm/ Personal Alarm for the Elderly?

  • Independence – Live on your own safely without depending on family or carers.
  • Confidence – Live independently with greater peace of mind knowing that you can call for help easily whenever you want.
  • Assurance – Whether you’re at work or living far away, a personal alarm assures you, your family, or carers that you are safe.
  • Convenience – With a panic alarm, help will always be just the push of a button away.

If you need more information about our personal alarm system for seniors, contact us today to find out more.

Why Buy from SureSafe?

At SureSafe, it’s not about us – it’s about you.

We are a community-minded organisation, and our corporate mission is to make independent living affordable for everyone.

We do this by providing:

  • Quality – We offer the right personal alarms for the elderly at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We strive to always provide the best quality panic buttons at the best possible price.
  • Global buying power – Get better prices and a wider range of choices.
  • User-friendly products – Our products are simple to install with no installation costs.
  • Expert advice – Talk to an alarm advisor that will work with you to find the best personal alarm solution for you.

Browse our range of SureSafe panic alarms in the shop today.