Duress Alarms

Wireless Duress Alarm for the Workplace Health and Safety

Experience extra peace of mind with our duress alarms for workers. Your employees’ health and safety are priceless, and our personal duress alarms provide that added layer of security, ensuring they are safer on the job and have immediate access to assistance when needed.

Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) guidelines list a number of important systems that you need to implement to ensure your staff’s safety in the workplace. This includes, but is not limited to, procedures for staff working early and leaving late, staff working at night, alone or in isolation and staff who are exposed to higher safety risks.

One of the simplest and most effective safeguards for meeting WH&S guidelines is the SureSafe Go personal duress alarms. The SureSafe Go is a fully mobile, peer-supported duress alarm that helps protect your lone or high-risk workers and those who need extra monitoring in the workplace.

worker that has fallen being helped up after his duress alarm went off
lone worker on a construction site with a duress alarm

Discover The Benefits Of Personal Duress Alarms

A secure workplace is a productive workplace. Our state-of-the-art duress alarms provide a multitude of benefits, ensuring your workers feel secure and supported in any professional environment.

Immediate Assistance for Peace of Mind

With the press of a button, our duress alarms enable workers to call for help instantly. This rapid response capability is invaluable during emergencies, offering peace of mind to both employees and employers.

Comply with WH&S

Many industries and worksites have specific safety requirements outlined by Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) standards. Our duress and man down alarms are designed to help your organization meet and exceed these standards, promoting a safer working environment. Compliance not only enhances the well-being of your workers but also shields your business from potential legal issues.

Automatic Fall Detection

Some of our advanced duress alarms come equipped with automatic fall detection technology. In the event of a fall, the device automatically triggers an alert. This feature is especially crucial for workers in physically demanding or isolated environments.

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The Value of a Personal Duress Alarm for Lone and Remote Workers

All jobs have particular challenges and some of these relate to the safety of staff. People who work alone are particularly at risk because they don’t have the support of other team members and may be attacked or otherwise injured. Similarly, workers in remote locations are also at risk since they may be a long way from the help they need.

In these cases, a duress alarm system needs to be put in place to protect vulnerable workers. This not only enhances their safety but will also improve their morale and productivity because they know their welfare is being looked after.

Using a Duress Alarm in Healthcare and Other Occupations

Personal alarms are often used by elderly or frail people who are particularly prone to injury. However, they’re equally important in a commercial situation for health and safety reasons. They’re particularly useful for people who:

  • work at remote locations to ensure they are not totally isolated
  • work on a one-to-one basis with patients or clients who may harm them in some way
  • have dangerous jobs that can result in injury.

Each duress alarm that we supply is a convenient and lightweight device that can be worn and used discreetly so as not to alert an aggressor. Some devices are smart watches with additional safety features while we also supply a duress pendant that is worn around the neck.

A duress alarm is activated by either:

  • the user pressing a panic button or
  • a fall being detected due to a sudden change of height followed by a period of no movement.

Once the alarm is activated, a signal is sent through to a central point so that a response can be made, and help can be given as quickly as possible. Most alarms have a GPS tracking facility, so the location of the user is always known. Voice communication may also be possible between the user and the central point.

Establishing and Perfecting a Duress Alarm System

The whole point of our duress alarms is to ensure worker safety. This is achieved through a simple, efficient and reliable system that enables help to be summoned quickly from any location. To ensure this happens, policies and procedures need to be established that outline how and when the alarm should be activated and what the response will be.

All workers need to be trained in the duress policies and procedures, with induction training for new workers and refresher courses at intervals. The process needs to be thoroughly tested and every incident should result in a debriefing to establish what has worked well and what needs to be improved. All devices also need to be thoroughly tested at intervals, including when workers are off-site, to ensure their continued functionality and effectiveness.

Personal alarms are an essential element in ensuring the safety and well-being of remote and lone workers. Our alarms will provide the reliability, discretion and ease of use to reduce risks and keep your workers safe, wherever they are.

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Who Are Duress Alarms For?

SureSafe’s Duress Alarms are perfect for workers and employees who would benefit from extra monitoring and increased security coverage.

Isolated Workers

Workers who work alone or away from your team can use our wireless duress alarms to stay safer and maintain a line of communication with you. This is especially important if they work in high-risk jobs or unfamiliar locations. With a personal duress alarm, any isolated worker can call for assistance the moment they need it.

Workers with Medical Conditions

Workers who have known medical conditions can stay safer in the office or off-site with our special man down alarms. These alarms also provide automatic fall detection, making them ideal for employees who are prone to falling or losing consciousness because of a medical condition.

At-Risk Employees

Workers who are vulnerable to being attacked outside the workplace (e.g. security personnel, bank employees, etc.) can use our wireless duress alarms to alert your team for assistance immediately. Because they face a greater level of risk than your other workers, at-risk employees will benefit from the added security of a fully connected workplace health and safety alarm.

Our Duress Alarm Features Include

If the worker presses the SOS button, it will activate a voice call as well as send its location to 5 emergency contacts. The wearer can then talk into the pendant and give details of their situation to their supervisor.

Stay protected wherever you get a mobile phone signal, whether it’s in your office or out on a customer’s site. A wireless duress alarm means more freedom to move and do your work wherever you are.

Our hyper charging station will recharge the device to full power in about 2 hours.

Quickly find where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is a fantastic solution for workers that may be hands-on and unable to hear their phones ring.

Depending on the battery use, our alarms will last approximately 3 days. If you won’t be using it much anytime soon, you can change its settings to extend its battery life to over a month.

Depending on the battery use, our alarms will last approximately 3 days. If you won’t be using it much anytime soon, you can change its settings to extend its battery life to over a month.

Step-by-step instructions are included or simply call us free on 1300 739 991 to speak to a consultant.

Our alarms feature an automatic fall detector that will sense a fall and activate an SOS automatically. This safety feature is especially useful and can save lives, especially if the fall renders the wearer unconscious or unresponsive.