SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ 4GX Personal Medical Alarm

Protection Anytime, Anywhere

SureSafeGO 4GX is a fully mobile personal medical alarm designed for the elderly and those with a disability. Featuring an advanced fall detection feature, it includes a two-way communication talking pendant, call and text alerts when activated and a ‘find me’ feature. Whether you are at home, taking a walk or at the shops, SureSafeGO 4GX ensures your safety and well-being is just a button press away.

The SureSafeGO personal alarms do not require a landline connection and uses mobile phone technology via a 4GX Telstra SIM card. You can choose your own SIM or let us organise one for you. The device is ready to use straight out of the box, providing instant coverage once set up and activated!

Stay safe with a SureSafeGO 4GX, wherever you are! Browse our range SuresafeGo Alarms below or contact 1300 739 991 for more information.

fall alarms to help better support dementia patients

SureSafeGo Anywhere Alarm Pendant Features

Get comprehensive monitoring and complete peace of mind for yourself or your loved one with the SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ alarm. It provides the reliable coverage and fall detection functionality you need to let you or your loved one live more independently. Whether you use it at home or outside, the SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ personal medical alarm will keep you better protected and more accessible for emergency respondents.

    If you press the SOS on the pendant, it will activate a voice call and send its location to 5 emergency contacts via google maps link. You can then talk into the pendant to provide more details of your situation.
    Gives protection anywhere you have a mobile phone signal, whether you’re home or ‘out and about’. No one wants to be stuck at home or worried about leaving the safety of home. With a SureSafeGO, you will be protected everywhere so you or your loved one can live an independent life more confidently and securely.
    Many alarms on the market will only activate if the button is pressed, but the SureSafeGO has an automatic fall detector that senses a fall and activates the alarm. This is extremely useful because some falls can render victims unconscious or immobile and impair their ability to get help.
    Quickly finds where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is an incredibly handy function for people who wander and get lost easily.
    Rated IP68 for use in the shower, when needed the alarm can contact family and friends in the event of a fall or a serious medical event.
    Depending on the use of the battery, the SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ personal medical alarm will last approximately 2-4 days depending on use.
    The hyper charging cradle will re-power the device to full power in about 1 hour. This simple and free-standing charging station is intuitive and easy to use, making recharging your personal alarm a breeze.
    Step-by-step instructions are included with every unit, so you can know every feature and function. You can also call us for free on 1300 739 991 to speak to a technician if you have any questions about its setup and features.
    The SureSafeGO personal medical alarm is small and light, measuring just 61x42x16mm and weighing only 42 grams – you will hardly notice you are wearing it! This small and lightweight design allows you to bring it anywhere with you easily, making it more convenient to get full monitoring and protection no matter where you go.
    The SureSafeGO anywhere alarm is now available as a wrist band and also as a belt clip. The SureSafeGO is all about independence. The new wearable options, give you the flexibility to wear the alarm in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs.

How Does SureSafeGO Work ?

sos watch

1. If you need help or emergency assistance, simply press the SOS button on the front of the device. When Activated the SureSafeGO 4GX sends an SMS to up to five stored mobile numbers with a Google Maps link which shows the location of the wearer at the time of activation.

personal alarm watch

2. The SureSafeGO will call the 1st SOS contact. The alarm features two-way speech, allowing the wearer to talk into the pendant directly and communicate with their contact.

vibrating alarm watch

3. If the first number does not connect within 10 seconds, SureSafeGO will continue to call the 2nd contact and so on. Additionally, you can find out where the SureSafeGO is at any time by simply sending it a text message. The device will then automatically reply with an update on its location with a Google Maps link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section provides detailed answers to these questions and more, ensuring you have all the information you need. Have a question, get in touch today to learn more!

SureSafe Go is designed to be simple to use and easy to operate. If your emergency contacts have been saved by us then your alarm is ready to use from the box.

There are 3 primary ways to program the emergency contacts in your personal alarm.

  1. We can either program your alarm for you before its sent
  2. We can assist once it arrives
  3. Or you can program the emergency contacts yourself. Your included user guide will provide instructions on setting up your contacts.

If programmed before it's sent, all you need to do is connect your charging cables and fully charge your alarm.  If you can send an SMS then you are able to program your alarm!

The SureSafeGO 4GX and SureSafeGO PLUS have no monthly fees or charges. They run off a SIM card which is provided by us and is only $40 per year. The SIM card for the first year is included in the price when purchasing your alarm.

Yes, once you receive your alarm the sensitivity of your fall detection can be adjusted to suit your level of activity. This feature can also be entirely disabled if needed.

Your alarm includes everything needed for it to operate. We have the alarm itself with the charging cradle and cables. Your SureSafeGO 4GX also comes with a wristband, belt-clip and lanyard as different wearable options.