Seizure Monitor and Epilepsy Alarms

SureSafe offers a range of alarms to monitor seizures related to epilepsy.

Our epilepsy seizure alarms are designed to help you protect yourself or your loved one from nocturnal seizures and Tonic-Clonic seizures – both of which present serious health risks for those with epilepsy.

With a seizure alarm, you can live more confidently and normally, knowing you can get help as soon as possible if a seizure strikes.

We offer different packages to provide the level of protection you need:

  • ‘Fall Alerts’ – a seizure alarm that alerts your contacts or carer if it senses you’ve fallen because of a seizure.
  • ‘Epilepsy Bed Sensors’ – a seizure monitor that notifies friends and family if you’re having night-time seizures.

All our packages come with a free installation and demonstration service to help you get started. Contact us today to find out more about our about epilepsy seizure alarms.

Why Should You Use a Seizure Alarm?

  • Peace of Mind – Whether it’s for yourself or your loved one, an epilepsy alarm will help you feel more secure and protected. It’s designed to help the wearer live a more normal and independent life, providing more access to medical assistance when they need it.
  • Immediate Alerts – Quick assistance is crucial in seizures, so it’s important to get help immediately when it occurs. Seizure alarms send help alerts automatically, helping you get assistance as soon as possible.
  • Health Monitoring – Manage your health by using your seizure alarm as a seizure monitor that helps you track your progress and monitor your condition.

Fall Alerts Seizure Alarms

When you’re living with epilepsy, there’s always the fear of falling and getting injured if you lose control of your body because of a seizure.

A ‘fall alert’ seizure alarm can help you manage this risk by alerting your family or carers if you fall and hurt yourself because of a seizure. Once it detects a fall, it will automatically send an alert to your emergency contact so that they can assist you or call for help as soon as possible. With it, you can get the help you need even if you’ve fallen unconscious or immobile because of your fall.

With our ‘Fall Alert’ seizure alarm, you’ll get the extra security you need to live more independently and with less fear of what could happen.

Epilepsy Bed Sensors

If you or a loved one is suffering from night-time seizures, an Epilepsy Bed Sensor can help you worry less about going to bed and getting some sleep.

Our Epilepsy Bed Sensor will detect any nocturnal seizures that occur during sleep and automatically alert your family or carer, so you can get assistance as soon as possible. This is a particularly valuable tool when dealing with Tonic-Clonic seizures, which may require emergency medication and assistance in some cases.

Our sensors are also designed to detect and distinguish seizures apart from normal breathing and movement, minimising the chances of false alerts.

Don’t Let the Risk of Seizures Control Your Life

The risk of seizures may always be there if you have epilepsy, but you can manage them better, so they don’t take over your life.

With an epilepsy seizure alarm, you can live normally knowing you can send help alerts instantly if you experience a seizure. With it, you can manage seizure more effectively instead of it managing you.

Browse our range of epilepsy seizure alarms today to get started. If you have any questions about our personal alarms, contact us to find out more.