Elderly Fall Alarm

SureSafe’s fall alarm pendant is the next generation in personal alarms for the elderly.

Our fall alarms for seniors activate automatically when a fall is detected, there is no need to press the button. This can be vital when the wearer either loses consciousness, or they are too weak to manually press the pendant e.g. following a stroke or heart attack. The device is worn instead of a traditional pendant, there is no need to wear both.

Using the latest technology, falls alerts mean that the wearer no longer needs to press the pendant button to get the help they need. Considering that falls that lead to the loss of consciousness are likely to be the most serious, a fall alarm for elderly can be the difference between help arriving fast, or not arriving until after the wearer regains consciousness, strength and awareness.

The risk of falls is ever present for elderly Australians. SureSafe have compiled the most extensive list of fall detectors in the market.

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elderly fall alarm