SureSafeGO PLUS SmartWatch

SureSafeGO Plus SmartWatch offers Australia’s best wrist worn, personal alarm for the elderly with a wrist watch that allows two-way communication between the wearer and their responder.

While most alarms require you to be near the base unit to talk, our talking pendant alarms let you talk from wherever you are. No matter where you are in the house, you can talk to your emergency contact like you would on a telephone. This enables better and faster emergency responses, letting you request help sooner while allowing the responder to provide instructions if necessary.

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SureSafeGo Plus Smart Watch

The new Family Monitored SureSafeGO Plus is the latest and most advanced product in our range to date. It packs a big bag of features that most modern smartwatches have, plus more. Like the trusted SureSafeGo, the SuresafeGO Plus uses GPS technology and offers users more features than any other personal alarm available.

Whether the user is staying home, running errands or having a leisurely stroll outside, emergency response just is a touch away. The user can also take advantage of two-way communications between contacts and family, using mobile technology, independent from wired base units.

One-Touch Personal Alarm

Whenever the user suddenly feels unwell, runs into an emergency or suffers from a slip-and-fall, help will always be available at the touch of a button.

Automatic Fall Detection

Built-in sensors that detect falls will override the need for pushing the SOS button. This essential feature addresses the possibility of someone being rendered unconscious after falling.

No Movement Alarm

If the user doesn’t move for a set period, the smartwatch will notify emergency contacts through a text alert.

Find Me Function

Nominated contacts can locate the user through a simple text request.


The family can set up designated safe areas, and the watch will alert them if the user wanders beyond the designated areas.

Fully Mobile: Use at Home or on the Go

This fully mobile wearable works entirely independently from a landline and can be used to talk directly to your contacts using a 4G signal. Wherever a mobile signal is available, the user can connect to their family members and emergency contacts.

Talking Personal Alarm Pendant

Two-way communications mean that the user can connect to their chosen contacts or emergency response operators. Wherever the user may be, fully mobile technology allows connectivity wherever a mobile signal is available.

Step and Activity Counter

For those trying to keep an active lifestyle, the watch features movement sensors that record the user’s steps to make sure they’re reaching their daily goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The built-in heart rate sensor is helpful for those who want to be aware of their heart rate.

Peace of Mind that Comes with Style

Designed to look like a stylish smartwatch, the user doesn’t feel that they’re wearing an emergency medical device. This innovation is great for those trying to live an active lifestyle where pendants can sometimes get in the way. The user can designate up to five emergency contacts; in case of an emergency, the watch will cycle through the contacts until somebody answers and is even smart enough to recognise if it’s talking to a machine.

With the SurSafeGO Plus Family Monitored, you are not just wearing a smartwatch, and you’re not just carrying a medical device—you’re wearing peace of mind in style. Contact us today to learn more.