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‘Fall Alert’ Pendant for 24/7 Connect Monitoring


Activates the SureSafe 24/7 Connect alarm in the case of a fall. Advanced Fall Detection Technology

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SureSafe’s ‘Fall Alert’ is designed with ultimate safety in mind. Low blood pressure, dizzy spells and loss of consciousness can happen quickly and without warning.

Using ‘Smart Technology’ the SureSafe ‘Fall Alert’ pendant will automatically activate the alarm when it detects that the wearer has fallen.

The ‘Fall Alert’, measuring air pressure and speed of movement, will detect a fall and send a signal to the base unit to raise the alarm.

Fall detectors in the past have been notoriously hard to live with and often resulted in false alarms. The SureSafe ‘Fall Alert’ has a quickly cancel button on the pendant that effortlessly cancel the alarm if accidentally activated.

Please note that as the nature of a fall can vary dramatically the pendant does not detect 100% of falls but significantly increases the wearers protection.

This pendant can only be paired with the SureSafe 24/7 Connect monitored alarm.


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