SureSafe Alarms – 2 x Wristwatch

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SureSafe Alarms – 2 x Wristwatch


Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, with two wristband alarm buttons, that dials up to three telephone numbers of friends and family in an emergency. Very simple to set-up and use, with no ongoing fees… EVER!

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This system is only recommended to be used in areas with no mobile coverage.

Don’t like the idea of a necklace pendant? Grab a SureSafe Alarm with 2 x wristwatch alarm buttons instead.

Neck pendants can on some people cause irritation. The wrist pendants are extremely comfortable, lightweight and reliable. Once you active the wrist pendant a wireless message is sent back to the SureSafe medical alarm. The alarm when then commence dialling the 3 emergency contacts you have saved in the main alarm unit.

Non-monitored Personal Alarms. Only $219 with no ongoing fees.

  • Quickly connects to 3 pre-saved numbers
  • Comes with two emergency wrist pendants .
  • Two-way communication
  • No ongoing monthly or annual fees ever
  • Simply connect to the home telephone line
  • Battery back up is 18hrs

The SureSafe Personal alarm could not be more simple to use.

What is included?

    • 1 x SureSafe Alarm
    • 2 x Water Resistant Wristwatch Alarm Button
    • 1 x Telephone Wire & Power Plug
    • 1 x User Manual
    • plus Peace of Mind.

The alarm requires a working landline connection. If the power goes out with the NBN, then the connection can be lost. If the connection is lost then the alarm is unable to dial out.