SureSafe Personal Alarm

SureSafe Personal Alarm


Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, with two water resistant neck pendants, that dials up to three telephone numbers of friends and family in an emergency. Very simple to set-up and use, with no ongoing fees… EVER!

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The simplest Personal Alarm for the Elderly in the Australia.

The SureSafe Personal Alarm is a ‘friends and family’ personal alarm – this means that when the alarm is triggered it automatically dials up to 3 friends or family telephone numbers to raise the alarm. There are no ongoing monthly fees or monitoring charges, ever!

The alarm plugs into a traditional telephone line alongside your normal telephone. All the necessary wires and adapters are provided and the alarm does not interfere with your existing telephone connection.

The alarm comes with 2 water resistant pendants that the user wears around their neck. In the event of an emergency the user simply presses the pendant alarm button and the system automatically dials the first of 3 numbers programmed in. If the first number does not answer it moves on to the second number, and so on. The alarm also has ‘human answer’ technology which prevents the alarm stopping if a call goes to voicemail or answer phone.

When the alarm is answered, hands free two-way communication is possible through the speaker and microphone built into the base unit.


  • Remote alarm pendant auto dials up to 3 numbers
  • Easy to set-up, simply plug-in and away you go
  • Two-way hands free voice communication
  • 50 metre pendant range (in open area)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Powered by 6v adapter (supplied)
  • 100% Australian compliant

No ongoing monthly fees ever. Only a one off payment.

What is included?

  • SureSafe Personal Alarm Base Station
  • Alarm Pendants x 2
  • Power Adapter
  • Telephone Wire
  • User Manual
  • plus Peace of Mind.

Please call 1300 739 991 for more information.

The alarm requires a working landline connection. If the power goes out with the NBN, then the connection can be lost. If the connection is lost then the alarm is unable to dial out.


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