Friends & Family Alarms

Our range of ‘Friends & Family’ alarms let wearers contact loved ones in an emergency easily – providing faster response and communications for times when they need it most. Simply press the alarm button, and the alarm calls your chosen emergency contacts to raise an alert. All that’s needed is a working telephone landline, making it a convenient yet effective monitoring device for the wearer’s trusted carers.

These alarm devices are designed to make independent living safer for longer, giving the wearer and their loved ones peace of mind knowing that help will always just be a button click away. The central alarm system also allows two-way communication, letting the wearers and their contacts converse normally until help arrives.

With SureSafe Personal Alarms, you or your loved one can live life with more independence, confidence and security.

See SureSafe’s range of options, including alarms with wristband and neck pendant alert systems.

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Friends & Family Alarm Features

  • Comfortable – All our ‘Friends and Family’ alarms are lightweight and designed for mobility, making them comfortable to wear whether you’re in or outside your house. In many cases, they’re so light and unobtrusive that you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all. This comfortable design makes them easier to use, knowing that it won’t interfere with your routine or daily life. Both wristwatch and pendant alarms are also water-resistant, protecting them from spills and contact with liquids.
  • One-Touch Alarm Activation – Each alarm in our ‘Friends and Family’ range features a simple, one-touch alarm button to activate an SOS and call an emergency contact. The alarm buttons are large, visible and accessible, making it easier to send out an alert for help.
  • Multiple Call Options – These remote alarms can be programmed to call three emergency contacts when the alarm is activated. These contacts are programmed in sequence, calling the first number automatically when the button is pressed. If the first contact doesn’t answer, it will automatically call the second number and so forth. Our devices are also designed with “human answer” technology, which ensures that the alarm does not stop calling contacts if the call is answered by voicemail or an answering machine.
  • Easy Setup – All you need to use our SureSafe alarm systems, is a working landline. You can plug directly into your existing phone line (all necessary wires and adapters are provided), so they’re easy to integrate and set up in your home. These alarms also won’t disrupt your telephone connection, making them even more convenient to use.
  • No Ongoing Fees – With our SureSafe alarms, you won’t need to pay for monthly or ongoing service fees. Simply pay the one-off payment for your alarm system and attach it to your phone line – and that’s it!

Giving You and Your Friends and Family Greater Peace of Mind

With our SureSafe personal alarm devices, you or your loved one can live life more confidently and securely knowing that help or emergency assistance is just press of a button away. Each ‘Friends and Family’ alarm device is designed for comfort and mobility, making it incredibly user-friendly without compromising monitoring and communications.

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