SureSafeGO PLUS SmartWatch alarm

SureSafeGO PLUS SmartWatch alarm


Stylish and modern personal alarm smartwatch

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SureSafeGO PLUS SmartWatch is the fully mobile personal alarm, that looks like a normal watch.

We have received 100s of requests for a reliable and easy to use watch alarm. We have finally developed an easy to use, attractive watch with all the features of a standard pendant alarm, with the style and character of a high end smartwatch.

With the same great features as the SureSafeGO 4G including:

  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Voice Alerts
  • GPS Tracking
  • Single Touch Activation
  • Full Pre-Programmed and ready to use from the box


  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Interchangeable Watch Bands
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Activity/Step Counter

The SufeSafeGO PLUS is one of the most advanced personal alarm currently available, providing the wearer with unrivalled safety while not impacting their self esteem and style.


  1. When activated the SureSafeGO PLUS sends an SMS with the wearers location out to up to five stored mobile numbers.
  2. It will then call each number in the order they’ve been saved to allow a 2-way chat between the wearer and their emergency contacts.
  3. If the first person doesn’t answer, the alarm will then call the next number.

Additionally you can locate the pendant at anytime by sending the alarm an SMS and ring the alarms number at anytime.


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