SOS SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX Medical Alert with Fall Detection

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SOS SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX Medical Alert with Fall Detection

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Stylish and modern personal alarm smartwatch

Upgraded Easy On/Off Magnetic Wristband

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The SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX Smart SOS Watch is the most advanced, fully mobile personal alarm, which looks just like any other stylish smart watch. The SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX is the most discreet personal alarm available to date. 

Using the latest communications technology, the SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX can easily raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. The single touch SOS button allows the wearer to quickly get in touch with the listed contacts when help is needed.

The SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX medical alert watch also comes with a yearly Telstra SIM which covers all emergency activations. After the first 12 months, the SIM is only $40 per year!

All the Great Features of our Pendant Alarm in a Stylish, Wearable Package

Automatic Fall Detection

The watch’s built-in sensors are designed to automatically detect when the wearer has had a fall. This crucial feature mitigates the risks involved with someone being rendered unconscious after suffering from a slip or fall.

Voice Alerts

Our advanced voice feature allows the SOS watch to tell the wearer what’s happening with the alarm. If the battery gets low or the alarm is activated, a verbal notification will be played to confirm exactly what is happening.

GPS Tracking

Easily see where your loved ones are with our inbuilt GPS tracking. A Google Maps link is sent to the nominated contacts when the SOS watch is activated. They can also request the location of the wearer at any time if they are worried about their welfare. 

Water Resistant

Since slips and falls occur more often in the bathroom or wet areas, our personal alarm watch is fully water resistant and is safe to wear in the shower.

Single-Touch Activation

Whenever the user feels unwell or unsafe, assistance can be requested with just a touch of a button. 

Fully Pre-Programmed

The SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX is ready to use from the box. We believe that peace of mind and protection shouldn’t come with any frills. We can also help to update emergency contacts remotely.


  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Interchangeable Watch Bands
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Activity/Step Counter
  • No-Movement Alarm


The SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX is the most advanced personal alarm watch alarm available today. It provides the wearer with unparalleled safety while staying in style. The subtle design of the SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX gives people the confidence to stay active and healthy without risking their safety.

How Does the NDIS Smart Watch Work in an Emergency?

  1. Once activated, the SuresafeGO PLUS 4GX sends an SMS with the wearer’s location to up to five stored mobile numbers.
  2. It will then call each number in the order they’ve been saved to allow two-way communications between the user and their emergency contacts.
  3. If the first person doesn’t answer within 10 seconds, the watch will continue to call the next number and cycle through the contacts.

Additionally, nominated contacts can locate the wearer anytime by sending an SMS and call the alarm’s number anytime.


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